Snow Shoe Tours

Snow Shoe Tours

The sun is out and the shimmering icicles and snow crystals highlight the amazing scenery and views as we trek through the wilderness along some amazing routes. You lungs will fill with the crispness of winter as you trek through tree lines trails, spotting and array of wildlife. Trailhead Ed your local guide will take you to some of the most spectacular vistas and viewpoints telling the tale of the area.

We pick up clients at local accommodations in a luxury Mercedes –Benz Sprinter Van. 

You are greeted with smiles and then the story telling begins. Trailhead Ed is a local historian, he   shares his 25 years of experience and local lore and history on route to the designated trailhead for the day. At the trail head we fit clients to snowshoes and do a short instructional which continues along the trail. We cover techniques and proper usage on variable terrain. The tour is customized to ensure the best experience. Trailhead Ed knows the area and will take you to spots where the regular visitor does not venture sharing amazing view, stories of the area and local perspective. The areas we visit are away from the crowds and right into nature where the likelihood of seeing wildlife is high. The flora and fauna of each area we visit is explained as we come upon it. As we do snowshoe in a wilderness setting the opportunity to view different wildlife in their natural setting does occur.

Animals like bobcat, ermine, least weasel, moose, red-tail squirrel, whitetail deer

For birders , winter birds are a plenty .

Chickadees, wrens, dippers, jays, just to name few.


Tours are good for youth to adults.

Day trips are $100p.p. including: guide, snowshoe rental transport, snacks and water

Starting December 2016